SWITCH.CHANGE.SHIFT –  Modern/Heavy Rock, Grunge, and Alternative conjoined forming a polished, heavy, straight forward sound that leaves you intoxicated and frantic.

SWITCH.CHANGE.SHIFT was started by two brothers, Mike and Keith . These former band mates decided to start a new project in 2009 which went through several name changes and different members. Finally, the two decided on a name that would suit the style of music and the philosophy behind the band.

SWITCH.CHANGE.SHIFT, without hesitation, formed their version of music ranging in dynamics, tempos, moods and complexities.

You can find these musical ranges in songs like
The Self-less which takes pulsating guitar/bass riffs and combines it with pounding beats and vocal angst. Or a song like Again that has a certain melancholy feel given to you by the combination of vocals and upbeat guitar playing.

SWITCH.CHANGE.SHIFT  recently released 'The Longest Day' digiEP that features "The Self-less", "Again", and "Dead, End, Cold".

“The Longest Day” digiEP AVAILABLE NOW at iTunes, Zune, and many other online retailers...